The Art and Craft of The Champion Debater

A debate is an argument with strict rules of order and sophisticated delivery techniques. A good and effective debater thinks critically and confidently communicates ideas in a logical and clear manner. These are vital skills for the champion debater. However, these skills are not properly developed in most debaters often resulting in failure and dissatisfaction in the debating prog ram . This special prog ram attempts to bridge these gaps by focussing on developing the vital and basic skills of debating through the use of apropriate examples, practice sessions and 360° feedback.

Course Objective

The main objective of this course is to assist participants to improve their debating skills.

Course Methodology

The course will apply adult learning principles to facilitate understanding, effectiveness and retention. 80% of the course will consist of group and personal activities, which allow the participant to learn, develop and practice vital debating skills.

Course Outline

The course will cover the following main topics:

  • The logic of the argument
  • The critical rebuttal
  • The techniques of vocal variation
  • The effective use of body language
  • The correct pronunciation of common words

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